What are the Olympiads!!!
International Olympiads in Science and Mathematics are the world championships for school students held every year in a different country.

The most famous Olympiads are The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO),The International Physics Olympiad (IPhO),The International Chemistry Olympiad (ICHO),The International Biology Olympiad (IBO),The International Olympiads in Informatics (IOI) and the International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO).

Countries send a delegation of students and leaders of participates at the International level. India conduct National Olympiads to identify the best students who can India at the International level. Mathematical Olympiad For the purpose of the Olympiad contests, the country has been divided in about 25 regions. The selection process for participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad(IMO) consists of the following stages:
Stage 1:
Regional Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) : RMO is currently held on the first Sunday of October each year in each of the regions in the country.All school students from XI are eligibal to appear in RMO. Students from class XII may also appear in RMO, but the number of students selected from class XII is at most 6. Exceptionally brilliant students from lower standards may also appear for RMO subject to the approval of the Regional Coordinator. RMO is a 3 hour written test containing 6 or 7 problems. On the basis of the performance in RMO, students are selected for the second stage. The Regional coordinators may charge a nominal fee to meet the expenses in organizing the contest.

Stage 2:
Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO): INMO is currently held on the third Sunday of January each year in the regional centres in all regions. Only those students who are selected in RMO are eligible to appear in INMO. This contest is a 4 hour written test. The evaluation of these papers is centralised. The top 75 contestants in INMO receive Merit Certificates.

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