Syllabus for NTSE MAT 2015-16
Verbal Reasoning Non- Verbal Reasoning
Classification Classification
Analogy Series
Coding-Decoding Analogy
Direction sense test Incomplete Figures
Series completion test Transparent paper folding
Inserting a missing character Embbeded figure
Arithmatical reasoning test Dot fixing situation
Mathematical operations Folding Paper cutting
Tests Analytical Reasoning
Alphabet test Water images
Logical Venn diagrams Mirror Images
Blood relations Problems on cubes and dice
Puzzle test  
Logical sequence of words  
Problems on clocks  
Analytical Reasoning  
Verification of truth of the statement  
Syllabus for NTSE SAT (2015-16)
Chemistry Biology Maths
Motion Matter Human Health and diseases Number
Force Acids, bases and Salts The living world Polynomials
Work, Energy and Power
Structure of atom Our Environment Pair of linear equations in two variables
Heat Periodic Properties Natural resources Quadratic equations
Wave motion and Sound
Chemical bonding Nutrition Arithmatic Progressions
Reflection of light Chemical reactions Respiratory and Circulatory system Trigonometry
Refraction of light Organic Chemistry Excretion and Locomotion Co-ordinate geometry
Electricity Metals and Non metals Control and Coordination Triangles
Heating and Magnetic Effect of current
  Reproduction Circles
Sources of energy   Cell and tissues Areas related to circles
Exploring Universe
  Food Resources Surface areas and Volumes
    Pollution .
    Genetics and Evolution Probability
      Commercial mathematics
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