KVPY SP (Medicine) :

Summer program is an important part of the nurture program for KVPY Fellow. These are meant to expose the Fellows to methods of scientific research and inculcate in them an abiding interest in doing scientific research. These are normally organised during the summer vacation, when KVPY Fellows spend one or two weeks in scientific institutions listening to lectures by experts in different fields of science, engineering or medicine, seems things in a research environment, watching scientists at work/science in action, interacting with scientists, visiting nearby scientific research laboratories and institutions, and exchanging views with other research students. Sometimes Fellows with specific interest are associated with individual scientists who talk to them about their interest, help them to clear their doubts, give them problem, to work out let them to do experiments, and tell them about the future scope in the area of their interest.

he Summer Program for KVPY Fellows in the Basic Science Stream is arranged either at Bangalore or Kolkata or Allahabad or Mumbai for One / Two weeks.

The Summer Program for KVPY Fellows in the Engineering Stream is organised by IIT-Bombay. The Fellows get an opportunity to work on innovative projects under the guidance of distinguished engineering faculty.
KVPY Fellows in the Medicine Stream are required to attend a summer program for two weeks or more on a mutually convenient time of the fellow and the mentor may be identified by the fellow in consultation with ICMR, New Delhi


An Identity Card is issued to each KVPY Fellows. Several national laboratories, universities and other institutions have agreed to extend special privileges like library, laboratory facilities to KVPY Fellows on production of the ID card.


KVPY hopes that the award of this Fellowship to student is an encouragement and opportunities that they derive from it will expose them to research in the subject of their liking and induce them to choose a research career in science. This would really be a fulfillment of the main objective of the KVPY program.
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