Junior Science Talent Search Examination (JSTSE) is conducted by the Directorate of Education. It happens mostly in late January and mostly on Sundays. Only students of class IX, to give this exam, you need to secure 65% in your previous class VIII. The JSTSE process starts in August/September where you have to fill in a registration form and send it to the Directorate Of Education.

The first level paper is divided into 2 parts
The first part is a 1 hour GK paper which tests your knowledge of GK, current affairs etc. It is a 50 marks paper. More importantly all the questions in the first level paper are MCQ type in the first level with each question for 1 mark each (except some questions in GK) there is no negative marking. The Gk paper is important as the it can give you a little edge over the majority (for this you have to be in tune with the current happenings all over the globe and about facts in India) . There were about 20 MCQs , 20 questions where the student would have to apply his own answers in 1 sentence or 1 word and there were 10 questions based on symbols of famous companies, government organisations, political parties, universities, sporting events etc. For preparation go through your old history books, read newspaper daily, observe all the logos of the governmental organisations.

The next level paper is a 2 and a half hour paper that tests your Maths and Science. There are about 25 questions in Maths and 50 questions each in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 175 marks in 150 minutes.

The first round results come out usually in mid April and are uploaded at the Directorate of Education websites under public Circulars like in delhi (edudel.nic.in). There are about 150-155 students selected in the first level. For the second level you have to give an interview held usually in July.

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