Physics, Chemistry,& Astronomy Olympiads

Stage 1 - National Standard Examination (NSE) in Physics & Chemistry

Physics & Chemistry : Every student aspiring to go through successive stages of the Olympiads programme must enroll for NSE. NSEs are held at a large number of centers in the country usually in the last week of November.All students of class XII or below (science stream) are eligible to appear for NSEs.A student may appear for more than one Olympiad as per the examination schedule. Students who have passed Class XII are not eligible. Astronomy : For the junior level, Students should be in class IX. For the senior level, students should be in Class X or Class XI.NSE emphasizes comprehension of the subject, not rote memory.

Stase 2 - Indian National Olympiad Examinations

For Indian National Olympiad Examinations, the national top 200-250 students selected from NSEP, NSEC and NSEA each are eligible to appear for Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPhO), Indian National Chemistry Olympiad (INCho) and Indian national Astronomy Olympiad (INAO) respectively.
Indian National Olympiads are held sometime in the last week of January or early February. These examinations are held at about 15 Centres in the country.
Questions and problems in National Olympiads are usually non-conventional and of high difficulty level, comparable to the International Olympiads. On the basis of performance in the National Olympiads (theory) about 50 students are short-listed in each subject.
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